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This service is a result of a lot of information derived from volume traders in stock futures. In this service provides bigger targets for intraday stock futures.

In this service utmost care is taken in deciding on levels of calls execution and profit booking, as traders with volume should get proper time to enter and exit the trades. Also the scripts in which calls are provided are voluminous and are majorly index scripts. While generating a rhodium call, Epic analysts first analyze broader market, followed by analyzing the sector to which script belongs and its respective sector index, then moving down to analysis of technical patterns and finally the level for buying and selling is generated.

Calls are created through technical charts generated from leading software. VIX Technologies. Put Call Ratio strategy. Track FII/DII activities. Weekly review of trading. Open Interest/ Volume based trading. Stock Valuation. Weekly reports. Support and resistance levels. A brief analysis of Daily, Weekly, Monthly moving averages. Proper analysis of Indicators and oscillators.

  • We provide you around 6-7 ETS Intraday Future market calls in Week.
  • We provide you around 1-3 Intraday Momentums Call Future market in Week.
  • Every Call Tired 4-5 Lot.
  • Low Risk Higher Return.
  • You will get 3-4% Plus target of entering price depending upon market conditions.
  • We have achieved a high level of accuracy in this plan on consistent Regular Services.
  • Important Global Market Updates.
  • Webinar every week by a market expert, to explain to you functioning of markets and enhance your analytical skills.
  • All our recommendations are generated in NSE.
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